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Client  Testimonials

"What an AMAZING life-changing experience!Imagine dealing with an issue for over twenty years and trying virtually everything; therapy, counseling, meditation, introspection, and none of it giving you the results you want.... That was the situation I was in before I found out about Sarah and Mind Tuning. After one incredible session, the issue I had been dealing with was gone and I feel SOOOO much better!What Sarah does is truly life-changing and she creates such a good, warm, safe, uplifting environment that immediately puts you at ease and allows If you or anyone you know has any type of mental issues they've been struggling with; you owe it to yourself to give Sarah a call! You'll be glad you did!!!!"

Torey P.


"Sarah is an absolutely bright shining, warm and emphatic, one of a kind human. I have had 4 sessions with her so far ranging from light and fun manifestation work to clearing out deep childhood trauma and the shift in my day to day is incredible! I feel much lighter and overall good. I highly recommend connecting with her for mind tuning."

Danah M.


"Where do I even begin!  I'll start with Sarah; a truly bright light in this world, with such good intentions and such a pure heart. There's no question in my mind that she was put here to help others heal. Im so incredibly grateful that I found this gem of a soul. Honestly, don't think I'd be able to do hypnotherapy with anyone but her as I trust her fully.  I have even started bringing my 10yo to her to address his Issues."

Kristy B.

"I highly recommend Sarah for hypnotherapy. She has helped me work through some issues with which I've struggled all my life. I can't thank her enough!"

Goli L.

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