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Assertiveness Coaching

Assertiveness coaching helps individuals develop and strengthen their ability to express themselves confidently and respectfully. It focuses on communication skills, setting boundaries, and building self-confidence. Through role-playing and exercises, individuals learn to be assertive without being overly passive or aggressive. This coaching is beneficial in personal and professional contexts, promoting self-empowerment and healthier relationships.

What Our Clients Say

Greg R.                                                                                                           

Sarah is absolutely AWESOME! I have had several appointments with Sarah and I even scheduled an appointment for my 11 year old daughter. In the words of my daughter, following her Zoom appointment with Sarah, AWESOME. The only way I can describe it is it's like a massage for your mind. She is kind, compassionate and uses a variety of techniques and modalities to meet the needs of every situation. Her work is a gift to humanity (No exaggeration).

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